Where can I install a photovoltaic system?

Photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) can be installed on all types of roofs of houses, residential and industrial buildings, sheds, garages - regardless of the roof covering. The PV plant can also be ground mounted.

What does a photovoltaic plant consist of?

Photovoltaic panels - Photovoltaic modules are the component that generates power by converting solar radiation into electricity. Inverter - A device that converts direct current from the system into alternating current.

Mounting Structure - A metal roof or ground-mounted system for mounting the panels.

Solar cable - a cable specifically designed to connect photovoltaic panels.

Panel/Automatic circuit breaker - to protect an electrical circuit from overvoltage, high current or short circuit. Earthing installation - installed to limit high voltage and conduct into the earth the large electrical charge that can occur when lightning or switching processes strike the power system.

Mounting Supplies - Brackets and Fasteners.

Monitoring system - tracking system performance, covering measurement and recording of electricity produced, and tracking system reliability.

What types of photovoltaic panels are there?

The main types are - polycrystalline, monocrystalline, thin-film.

What is the warranty period of the Solar Panels?

The warranty period of the panels is 10 years and the inverters 5 years.

What is the construction for the panels made of?

The structures are mainly made of aluminium, which is light, strong and weather resistant.

How long is the service life of a photovoltaic system?

Excluding technical problems or natural phenomena that may have an impact, the service life can reach 25-30 years.

What options do I have for selling the generated electricity?

You can sell the produced electricity on the free market or at preferential prices set by the EWRC.

Is photovoltaic plant maintenance required?

Periodic cleaning and technical inspection is desirable to ensure optimal and long-term operation of the system.

Do you offer services outside Bulgaria?

Yeah. We have established power plants in other countries.

How long does it take to build a photovoltaic system?

The construction depends on the size of the desired system, the climatic conditions and last but not least the logistical obstacles that may arise. The assessment is made individually for each plant.