Photovoltaic power plant

Construction of PPP is one of the company’s main sectors. The construction of the projects is carried out by eight assembly teams, each of which is specialized in the construction of different photovoltaic systems and equipped with all the necessary equipment for the implementation of any type and size of PPP.

SOLAR HOME operates with specialized equipment for driving metal structures, laying cable routes and loading and unloading equipment.

Logistics is provided by the central warehouse in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa and a logistics facility in the town of Pernik, thus achieving fast deliveries of the agreed equipment. 

  • Planning of construction activities
  • Preparation and securing of the site/building
  • Delivery of the selected equipment
  • Provision of the necessary mechanization
  • Carrying out all mechanical construction activities
  • Carrying out all electro-technical activities
  • Quality control

Energy management and maintenance

A strategic sector that will allow the company to provide clients with optimal care of their investment. The smart communication between hardware and software will allow:

  • control and monitoring of the constructed system
  • optimization of revenues and costs
  • financial and technical reports
  • real time analysis
  • timely prevention or elimination of problems
  • optimization of battery-operated systems for storage

To ensure fast and reliable repair work, we have staff who undergoes annual training and qualification. The advantage of post-warranty service and maintenance is that your project will always work at its optimal, paying off the investment made in it.

  • monitoring
  • cleaning of solar panels
  • on-site support
  • preventive activities and localization of possible problems
  • suggestions for optimization and improvement
  • delivery and replacement of damaged components
  • infrared thermography
  • maintenance of Concrete complete transformer stations (CCTS)

Energy storage systems

Solar Home develops the integration of industrial batteries in a number of directions, which, in combination with the self-developed energy management system, allows companies to manage the dynamics in electricity prices, achieving maximum profit and return on investment.

Charging stations for electric cars, manufacturing facilities and PPPs are just some of the sites where the implementation of a battery-operated system allows energy costs to decrease, while at the same time increasing efficiency and revenue. One of the main requirements of the business is long-term predictability of the price of electricity, which is easily accomplished by charging at low price and discharging at times of peak price. platform

The main goal of SOLARTRADE.BG is to build a clean energy system for the benefit of all by creating more transparency in the solar industry. By providing quotes from various manufacturers, suppliers, designers and contractors, we have developed a market solution that saves our clients time and money when constructing photovoltaic systems. We not only bring together solar products manufacturers and installation companies, but also create a reliable and professional trading environment. In order to successfully implement a photovoltaic power plant, we need to properly plan the costs of construction and maintenance, the expected revenues and benefits, as well as the profitability of the entire investment. The SOLARTRADE.BG team makes the planning and design process easy and accessible for all our users. The SOLARTRADE.BG platform offers the full range of services in the field of engineering of photovoltaic and hybrid (wind-solar) systems for the production of electrical energy:     

  • Pre-project consultations
  • Designing - technical and work projects
  • Consulting on administrative matters
  • Help in finding financing
  • Construction of photovoltaic and hybrid systems
  • Maintenance of photovoltaic power plants (PPP)
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of all products offered by our partners.

Charging stations

A sector that SOLAR HOME OOD is actively developing, providing the opportunity to produce electricity through solar canopies and charging stations for recharging electric cars. The modular platform allows delivery and construction anywhere in the European Union. The company uses components designed in-house or from proven suppliers in harmony with the modern vision of the city and company environment. A mobile application is under development, which will provide a range of options from navigation to paying at the charging stations.

Greeen hub

The company's vision for the 21st century includes modern integration of green technologies for energy production and storage, electric car charging, organic food and a place for recreation for you and your family.

Monitoring system for distribution transformers

Solar Home integrates a proprietary transformer monitoring system, combining hardware and software. The main challenges around which the system is constructed are highly efficient management, activity planning, accident notification and optimal asset management.

  • Fast, easy, reliable and secure data access
  • Notification of alarms to a specified GSM
  • Real-time data display
  • Data storage
  • Consumption tracking
  • Option to adjust the power factor
  • Overload control
  • Software for mobile and desktop devices
  • Creation of a data archive for each device