Construction of photovoltaic plants

Solar Home

“Solar Home" offers complete construction of photovoltaic plants - from consultations and conceptual projects to installation, legalization and maintenance.


We plan, construct and legalize photovoltaic power plants from 10 to 1000 kV, we construct both ground-mounted plants and roof systems, we have our own installation teams, we provide fast construction on the agreed sites, we also offer photovoltaic modules, batteries, inverters.

For investors

Our investor program will introduce you to everything you need to know. General meetings of investors are regularly scheduled for the purpose of transparency.

The contracted capacities as of January are for
13 MW, which is a record result.

We opened a warehouse in Pernik and an office in Varna.

With the installed capacity of 25 mW, the company became one of the Top 3 solar integrators in Bulgaria.

We opened an office in Sofia.

The built photovoltaic power plants (PPPs) have a total capacity of 1.6 mW.

We built the first 20 photovoltaic plants

with a total capacity of 0.76 mW.

What have we achieved through the years
Installed capacity
50.60 MW
Delivered solar panels
Implemented projects
Happy customers
Saved coal
CO₂ reduction
Equivalent in trees